9 ball Pool: Top Players of Today

Professional 9 ball pool players today come from just about anywhere on the globe - here are just some examples:

Efren Reyes, Franciso Bustamante and Ronato Alcano from the Philippines

Johnny Archer, Earl Strickland and Rodney Morris from the USA

Alex Pagulayan from Canada

Wu Chia Ching, Fong-Pang Chao and Yi-Che Kuo from Chinese Taipei

Daryl Peach, Steve Davis, Raj Hundal and Imran Majid from the UK

Nick van den Berg and Niels Feijen from the Netherlands

Oliver Ortmann, Thomas Engert, Ralph Souquet and Thorsten Hohmann from Germany

and a whole host of great players from the rest of Europe including:

Mika Immonen, Marcus Chamat, Tony Drago, Fabio Patroni and Radoslaw Babica

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