9 ball Trick Shots - The Six Ball Hustler Routine

Get out of jail 9 ball trickshot

This is one of those fun routines where you could have a wager with a friend that they can't perform a particular shot and then prove that you can!  You need to simply place balls 1-5 as shown in the graphic above with all the balls lined up directly in front of the side pocket.  Then position the 9 ball over the opposite side pocket.  Next simply ask your friend if he can pot all six balls in one shot.  It's pretty much for sure that they will not be able to do this so you offer to bet them that you can. 

Set the balls up as before but this time place a triangle (preferably wooden) as shown in the graphic above touching the end of the line of five balls with its apex and making sure that the side of the triangle that you will be shooting the cue ball against its parallel to the long rail.  Now you're all set!  You simply need to aim your shot at the centre of the rack with a medium hard shot.  It should be cinch that the five balls will go into the middle pocket and the cue ball should bounce back to pocket the 9 ball. See the Trick Shot Video

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