9 ball Trick Shots - Cue Is Quicker than the Eye

Get out of jail 9 ball trickshot

This seemingly impossible quickfire trick shot whilst being technically a foul was made by Fast Eddy Felson when he played the legendary Minnesota Fats in the movie: 'The Hustler'. The idea is to make the 3 ball in the side pocket in spite of being blocked or hindered by the 1 ball.

To make the shot, you need to place the cue ball, 2 ball, and 3 ball in a straight line in line with the centre pocket. Next take the 1 ball and place it so that its 'frozen' to the cue ball at an angle as shown above. The secret to this shot is that you strike the cue ball pretty hard in the centre and play through it to such an extent that your cue tip actually contacts the 2 ball. you need to play this shot confidently and with a fairly tight grip on your cue. If you find it difficult, just persevere and you may surprise yourself! See the Trick Shot Video

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