9 ball Trick Shots - 3 in 1

Get out of jail 9 ball trickshot

This 9 ball trick shot is similar to Easy As 123 but with just a slightly different slant to it.  One definite similarity is that balls must be tightly frozen together in order for the trick to work successfully.  It should be obvious from the graphic above that the 2 ball and the 3 ball need to be aligned accurately with the opposite corner pocket and more particularly to the left side of it. 

Place the cue ball roughly as indicated and then keeping your cue level, play the cue ball medium hard with a little top left English or side spin.  If you imagine a clock face then you would be playing the spin at 10.30 on that clock face.  Remember, the 3 balls need to be frozen together for this trick shot to work. See the Trick Shot Video


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