Jasmin Ouschan - Women's 9 ball Pool Player

Jasmin Ouschan - Women's Pool Player

Jasmin Ouschan was born in Klagenfurt, Carinthia in Austria on the 10th of January 1986. She has a younger brother called Albin. Her parents have run a Billiard Club in Klagenfurt for the past 20 years. Jasmin remembers her first cue sports experience from the tender age of just three years old when although she had a small table at home, she just wanted to play on the normal tables in the Club and so had to get a box to stand on.

Jasmin was so interested in Pool that from the age of 6, she had training with Michael Neumann and started playing small tournaments in her hometown. Michael is still Jasmin's trainer and coach to this day.

In 1996, Jasmin played at a tournament in Austria where players like Allison Fisher, Gerda Hofstaetter and Franziska Stark took part and she managed to finish in 4th place behind these three well established players.

In 2006, she won the 2006 BCA Open Nine-ball Championship women's division, defeating UK's Allison Fisher in the process. Jasmin also finished 3rd in the women's World Pool Championship.

She has also competed well in men's tournaments, finishing 5th in the men's World Straight Pool Championship in 2006, which was won by Thorsten Hohmann from Germany. She competed again in 2007 but lost to Warren Kiamco in the last 16.

Jasmin cites her favourite player as Efren Reyes and uses Mezz Cue & Predator BK2 Cues.

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