Allison Fisher - Women's 9 ball Pool Player

Allison Fisher

Often known by the nickname 'The Duchess of Doom', Allison Fisher was born on 24th of February 1968 in the UK.  As a young girl of seven, she loved to watch snooker on tv and her parents bought her a tiny table which was replaced by a much larger one when she was 12.  She joined a Snooker league at the age of 13 and began working with coach Frank Callan who helped her to win her first national title at 15. From 1983 to 1995, Allison won over 80 National titles, 11 World Championships, including three Mixed Doubles and the only Ladies Mixed Doubles ever held.

Allison moved to the USA in 1995 to play in the Women's Professional Billiards Pro 9 Ball Tour.  Previously, she had mainly played snooker but she hadn't managed to rise very high in the male rankings and felt that women players in general were not treated with so much respect in the UK.  Anyway once in the USA, she soon made her mark in the world of 9 ball pool winning only the second tournament for which she was entered.

In terms of career title achievements, Allison Fisher probably has an absolutely unparalleled record consisting of winning 47 WPBA titles, including 4 world 9 ball Championships.  Since moving to the USA, she is also probably one of the highest earning pool players either male or female!  Probably Allison's greatest ever season was in 2000 to 2001 when she successfully won eight consecutive major titles and in the 2005 season she won £111,000.  She has even represented team Europe in the Mosconi cup winning one out of three games.

Allison Fisher Achievements and Titles in 9 ball pool

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