9 ball Trick Shots - Parting the Red Sea

Get out of jail 9 ball trickshot

Set the balls up as shown above. The 1 ball and the 3 ball are aligned to the left side of the near centre pocket and the 8 ball is frozen to the one and three. Ideally, the 1, 3 and 8 balls all need to be tightly frozen together. The 4 and 5 balls need to be placed diagonally as shown with the 4 ball approximately a balls width away from the 3 ball and in such a position that the 3 ball will hit it about three quarters full ball on the left side. Position the other balls as shown (7 and 2 aligned with 4). Place the cue ball about halfway between the 8 ball and the opposite middle pocket and when you play the shot, use medium strength and hit the cue ball in the centre. Aim to make a half ball contact on the right side of the 1 ball. Note: as stated earlier, the 1 and 3 balls are not aligned with the 4, 7 and 2 balls. See the Trick Shot Video



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